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    {^TORRENT^} Tangent – Back to the Fender [ Télécharger do álbum ] (ALBUM)

    Artist: Tangent
    Album: Back to the Fender

    Liste des titres:
    1. Back to the Fender
    2. For the Memories
    3. Going for Gold
    4. Spaghetti Drifters (feat. Andr
    5. Break In the Cloud
    6. Rum Cove
    7. Steeds Party
    8. Uptown Girl (feat. Jet Harris
    9. Jet Stream
    10. Blue Shad (feat. Andrew Latime
    11. Return to Akator (feat. Andrew
    12. Tangessence (feat. Andrew Lati
    13. Shadows in the Snow (feat. And
    14. Over and Out

    {^Fuite^} Tangent – Back to the Fender {^Album Fuite^} [album]

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Affichage de 1 message (sur 1 au total)
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