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    (320 KBPS) Sqweak – Da Rough Draft { ZIP/ALBUM mp3 }

    Artist: Sqweak
    Album: Da Rough Draft

    Liste des titres:
    1. Play You Pay
    2. Truth Hurts
    3. Payback
    4. Transa (feat. Kicker & P)
    5. Ammos Life
    6. Caliente (feat. Nme Dca)
    7. Call Out
    8. Los Homies
    9. Ego Death (feat. J-Mixx & Po-P
    10. Talking Shit
    11. Lets Ride (feat. Nino Brown &
    12. No Love
    13. Robbing Dope Dealers (feat. K
    14. Slippin Slidin
    15. Ride Tonight (feat. Grouchy &

    {^Torrent^} Sqweak – Da Rough Draft {^(2019) torrent^} {^gratuit^}

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